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Students learn and develop blocking and striking techniques, forms and sparring, with an emphasis on strong basic techniques and body connection. Classes include warm-up exercises, kihon (basic techniques), kumite (sparring and partner combinations), and kata (series of blocks and attacks against imaginary opponents.) The classes offer cardiovascular and strength training, and benefits include self-defense, confidence, focus, and fitness. Frequent repetition is required to progress in any study of martial arts, so students should be able to attend two classes per week.



David and Ellen Stackpole have trained for 30 years, and have been teaching Shotokan Karate at UVA since 1997.

  • Trained and examined by Master Teruyuki Okazaki
  • Received training though many masters, including JKA headquarters, Tokyo Japan
  • Collegiate and East Coast tournament judges
  • East Coast and Northwest team finalists